Hereís how you can get the real insider fitness knowledge so powerful it can even transform a 475 pound Fat Guy into a lean, mean machine

“They Have Built The Most Admired
Bodies In The World... And Now,
For The First Time Ever, They Share
With You The Insider Secrets
You Must Discover If You Want To
Sculpt A Body You Can Be Proud Of”

“You have never seen or heard anything like this before. This is your chance to uncover the little-known and rarely talked about techniques, tactics, behaviors, mindsets and strategies that could allow you to achieve a stunning, muscular and ultra-lean body that most other people only dream of!”


Rob Cooper,
“The Former Fat Guy”

Dear Friend,

If youíre truly serious about losing fat, gaining muscle and building a body that will be admired and respected by others, and if youíre frustrated by poor results and confused by all kinds of conflicting advice, then forget about reading more muscle magazines, buying more diet books or listening to your buddies (or even personal trainers) at your local gym...

You wonít find the answers there!

The REAL results only start happening after you get hip to the advanced tactics of the pros who understand the true secrets of sculpting ripped and muscular bodies.

In the next few minutes Ė right here on this web page - you can gain access to the insider techniques for scoring big time muscle gains and dropping serious amounts of body fat straight from 5 world-renowned bodybuilding and fitness MASTERS who know first-hand how itís really done.

This is an incredible opportunity -- learning muscle building and fat burning strategies from these 5 master mentors is like getting golf lessons straight from Tiger!

The best news is that these strategies and techniques are NOT just for bodybuilders or “hardcore” fitness enthusiasts who have the luxury of spending hours in the gym every day. Iím living proof Ė If a regular guy like me can use these secrets to lose 288 pounds of fat, just imagine what you can do!

Before I introduce you to my expert guests who will teach you every one of their best body-transforming tricks and tactics, let me introduce myself...

From Fat Guy Weighing Almost A Quarter Ton
To A Lean, Mean Machine

Fat Loss

My name is Rob Cooper, “The Former Fat Guy.” Several years ago, I weighed 475 pounds.

Losing this much weight would be an amazing achievement by itself, but after I ditched almost 300 pounds of disgusting flab, I decided not to stop there because I didnít want to be skinny. I never had any intention of being a competitive bodybuilder, but I DID want to gain more muscle.

Body building

Using the methods I learned from some of the most respected, most knowledgeable and most successful bodybuilding and fitness professionals in the world, I packed on 50 pounds of muscle in the two years that followed my enormous weight loss.

It was like a “double transformation” Ė from fat to skinny and then from skinny to muscular!

My transformation wasnít just physical; my whole life flipped around 180 degrees - spiritually, emotionally, personally and financially. I went from a beer chugging, junk food feasting fat guy with a dead end job, to fitness professional, extreme sports enthusiast, and website publisher...

Today I scuba dive, skydive, walk across red hot coals, race cars, and climb mountains - and thatís in addition to my regular weight lifting program.

This was all very exciting, but the most important thing that happened to me was the simple fact that Iím no longer embarrassed to be seen with my shirt off.

I can finally say Iím proud of my body.

Could You Get Results Like I Did? Iím Not Sure...
Answer These Questions And Iíll Tell You

Could you achieve results like mine? I donít know. I canít say for sure yet. How bad do you want it?

Do you long to be lean, fit even highly muscular or “ripped” and show the world your new body with confidence?

Are you sick of suppressing yourself for years (or even your entire life) by missing out on pool parties, trips to the beach, playing outdoor sports, and even going on dates and dinner parties because you feel overweight?

Are you embarrassed and miserable about your body and you finally want to do something about it?

Trust me, I know how it feels. I felt the same way when I was 475 pounds and so fat that I had to be weighed on a freight scale, when I could only shop for clothes at the “Mr Big and Tall” stores and when I couldnít ride the rides at amusement parks because I couldnít fit into the seats (it was humiliating).

So... can you transform your body and your life from fat to lean, from skinny to muscular, or both, the way I did?

Answer these two questions honestly and Iíll tell you:

     (1) Do you REALLY want to be a lean, mean, machine, badly,
           with a burning desire?
     (2) Are you willing to have an open mind and be mentored by experts?

If you answered yes to both of these questions then you struck gold when you landed on this web page because the answer is YES! I can help you achieve one or even BOTH of the two most desired body transformation goals:

(1) Gaining Muscle!
(2) Losing Fat!

YES! You Can Lose Fat, Gain Muscle And
Achieve Total Mastery Over Your Body
By Getting The Right Mentors
(And Avoiding The Wrong Ones!)

You see, itís all about finding the right mentors and studying the right sources.

Not your buddies in the gym (because they donít know!)... not even personal trainers (because most of them “bought” their certifications and they donít know either!)...

Definitely not the “articles” in the magazines that are really just ads being passed off as advice...

TV infomercial products? Do I have to even go there?

Books are better, but theyíre not enough either.

I learned a lot from the 100+ books I read about health, fitness and weight loss, but I was disappointed with many of them and it took a ton of time and effort to separate the valuable nuggets of truth in the good books from all the pseudo-science, hype and lies in the bad ones.

Like you, I wanted to find a way to achieve faster results and better results. Even after my transformation was already successful, I wanted to reach to the next level. I wanted to gain muscle after I lost the fat.

I wanted to know what really worked and what didnít work and I wanted it straight from the horseís mouth, not from the greedy and corrupt weight loss industry selling bogus and dangerous pills and quick fixes, not from self-proclaimed internet “experts,” and not from magazines that have ghost writers and hidden agendas.

Thatís why I learned from and role modeled myself after the most highly respected and trusted fitness and bodybuilding pros... but I took the concept of being mentored to a higher level than most people would ever dream of... by learning straight from the pros directly and personally.

How did I do that?

I Started My Own International Radio Program
Based Out Of Canada, Called “The Former Fat Guy
Show”, Which Was Broadcast All Over The Globe

Thatís how I got “on the inside” where I had the rare privilege of interviewing (and recording) some of the top fitness and bodybuilding masters in the world.

You can learn amazing things by listening to and studying the bodybuilders and fitness pros ... inside information you will NEVER read about in the magazines, see on TV or get from most personal trainers.

Rob Cooper And His Guests Show You
The Real Way To Transform Your Body

What if there was a way that you could quickly and easily learn the hidden secrets of the worldís leanest, fittest and most muscular men and women directly and personally and use them to multiply the speed of your own results... or, to take the good results youíre already getting and make them even better?

What if you could just call up Miss Fitness Olympia and ask her how she eats, trains and lives that allows her to develop a body thatís been showcased on the cover of over 100 fitness magazines?

What if you could pick the brain of the man who literally wrote the book on how to get awesome abs and learn his ingenious strategies on how to eat and train to get your own “six-pack abs?”

What if you could meet with a five time Mr. Universe and bodybuilding pioneer and listen to him explain not only how he became a bodybuilding champion in the 1950ís, 1960ís and 1970ís but also how he stays in top shape today at the age of 76?

Well, you probably canít, because Miss Olympias, Mr. Universes and best selling authors just arenít available to take phone calls, they donít make house calls, and they donít work out at your gym.

But believe it or not, you can now get coached and mentored by 5 of the most respected fitness and bodybuilding stars in the business because I took the VERY BEST of all my Former Fat Guy Radio show broadcasts with the fitness pros and have now made the audio recordings available to you for the first time ever!

Even better - you also get the added bonus of hearing about how I lost almost 300 pounds...

Introducing The “Fat Loss Insider Secrets”
Audio Collection

If youíve been involved in the fitness and bodybuilding game for any amount of time, youíve probably heard of most, if not all of my guests, and youíre probably already getting excited about hearing what they have to teach you in these rare, exclusive recordings.

Youíll be even more excited after you see the list of exactly what information they reveal in these red-hot interviews. Take a look for yourself:

Audio #1: Monica Brant - Fitness Champion And
Most Photographed Fitness Model In History

Monica Brant Fitness Olympia WinnerI have to admit that Monicaís interview is one of my personal favorites because I had a crush on her ever since the first time I saw her on a magazine cover. Of course, many other men feel the same way, and for women all across the world, Monica has been an incredible inspiration. Thatís because Monica Brant is the supreme example of how muscle can be sexy and feminine when itís developed in just the right way in the right places with such perfect proportion, lines and beautiful symmetry.

Hereís just some of what you will hear in Monicaís Interview:

  • How Monica rose from the humble beginnings of bikini contests to the Fitness Olympia stage and became a top-flight magazine cover model
  • Discover how Monica does cardio to stay lean all year round for modeling, to get super lean for competitionÖyouíll also hear about her “secret weapon” killer cardio workout (itís NOT the treadmill or elliptical machine!)
  • How Monica trains to focus on weaknesses while maintaining her strengths and keeping her entire body looking beautifully balanced
  • Expert tips on sets, rest intervals, how many reps and how to use supersetting for more results in less time
  • The differences between fitness and figure training
  • The inside “scoop” on how important nutrition really is in getting lean enough for figure or fitness competition
  • Monicaís top fitness cover model diet tips for cutting body fat
  • The importance of protein, how much protein women should take in and the best whole food sources of protein for leanness and muscularityÖ plus, how to adjust protein intake for a competition level body
  • What you must cut out of your diet completely, and what must get restricted before competitions
  • And a lot more!

Audio #2: Clarence Bass Ė “Mr. RIPPED”Ė Speaks!

Clarence Bass single digit body fatClarence Bass might be the leanest muscular man who ever walked the face of the earth. Lots of people brag about their body fat percentage levels, but Clarence actually had his fat clinically tested at Lovelace Medical Center and on multiple occasions was officially certified at 2.4% body fat!

Clarence is author of the RIPPED book series (and at least 10 other books and videos), he is a long time columnist for Muscle & Fitness Magazine, and winner of the past-40 Mr. America in 1978 and past-40 Mr. America in 1979.

By the way, Clarence is over age 65 and he still sports sliced-up abs and ripped-level body fat! How much do you think you could learn from this man about getting lean and staying that way for life? (especially if you are only in your 30ís 40ís or 50ís and you think its supposed to get harder every year than it was when you were 20-something)

Hereís a small preview of what you will learn in Clarenceís Interview:

  • Mr. Ripped reveals his 3-pronged approach to staying lean for life
  • The “Challenge Yourself” philosophy and the myth (and devastating error) of “maintenance training”
  • The Keys to Goal Setting that your personal trainer probably didnít tell you about (because he doesnít know)
  • Secrets of low calorie density, high nutrient density eating for getting hyper-low, ripped-level body fat
  • Which foods should form the basis of your fat burning diet, including Mr. Rippedís #1 carb choice that youíve probably never heard of (I admitted on the air that even I didnít know about this power-packed wonder food!)
  • Clarence reveals his secret for maintaining muscle mass while taking body fat from “already lean” to “ripped”
  • How Clarence looks as good or better at age 65 as he did at age 40
  • Secrets of high intensity aerobics and interval training Ė including how to measure the optimal intensity Ė forget about the “fat burn zone” and do THIS instead and watch fat melt off you like butter in a frying pan!
  • How to take the boredom out of your training and put some interest, excitement and fun back into it!
  • And many more tips from the leanest man in the world!

Audio #3: Shawn Phillips, Best-Selling Fitness Author
And The Man Known For The BEST ABS In The World

Shawn Phillips Ripped AbdominalsShawn is often introduced as the brother of Bill Phillips, of Body For Life and EAS supplements fame, but Shawn has made his own incredible mark in the fitness world not only by becoming a best selling author, but also by developing one of the most incredible sets of abdominals you have ever seen.

You will realize that Shawn is truly a person worth role modeling when you hear how much passion and integrity come through loud and clear in his interview and because Shawn has such a talent for getting you motivated as you listen to him

In Shawnís interview, youíll hear information and tips like this:

  • What does it really take to get great abs and what really works Ė the facts, not the deceitful advertising-based promises
  • How much time you should spend training, how to optimize your time in the gym for maximum results and how to avoid wasting time on ineffective or inefficient methods (the way most people do)
  • Travel training and dieting secrets Ė How NOT to be a victim of your surroundings when youíre on the move and on the road
  • The power of focus in abdominal training and how to increase the quality of muscle contraction so you get more done with fewer reps in less time
  • An end to the high reps myth once and for all, and the truth about the best rep range for super results in your abdominal training
  • How to use visualization and harness the awesome and unlimited power of your mind to build your best body ever
  • Learn why Shawn says “Protein is job #1” and the reasons why this is true
  • Shawnís supplement pyramid explained Ė learn which ones you should take first, and the get the inside secrets of “targeted impact supplements”
  • A safe fat loss supplement revealed, that works as well as ephedra without the dangerous side effects
  • And much, much more!

Audio #4: Tom Venuto: #1 Best-Selling Diet Book Author
And Natural Bodybuilding Champion

Tom Venuto Bodybuilder, Single Digit Body fatOne thing that often leaves you dismayed and disappointed is when you read a great diet or training book and then you later see a picture of the author or meet him or her in person and itís only then you realize that theyíve let you down because they donít practice what they preach.

Tom Venuto impressed me as a role model who walked the walk (just look at his pictures), and also as a guy who has a flair for teaching his methods in a down-to-earth way that any one can understand Ė without the scientific mumbo jumbo in this day and age of fitness “guru-culture.”

Tomís Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle book is a simple masterpiece that helped me reach the final level of my fat loss transformation even after I had already lost a lot of weight.

Hereís a small preview of what you will learn in the Tom Venuto interview:

  • The biggest blunder natural bodybuilders make Ė every single day - that limits them and holds them back from reaching their maximum potential
  • The truth about steroid use in bodybuilding and how to develop a “Greek sculpture” physique without messing with risky and dangerous drugs
  • The bodybuilding contest diet Tom uses to reach 3-4% body fat without steroids or fat-burning supplements
  • How simple tweaks in your training split routine and strategic placement of recovery days can cause a muscle growth explosion
  • The most powerful and effective training and motivational tool you will ever use Ė that will only cost you a few bucks!
  • The most important foundational principles of Bodybuilding nutrition Ė unless you have these fundamentals in place, nothing else you do will matter and your workouts will be as fruitless as bailing water out of a boat full of holes
  • Why most fat loss diets may get you to “average” or “lean” body fat, but they wonít get you to “ripped” and what you must be willing to do if you want extreme fat loss
  • Exact and specific details about post workout nutrition for muscle mass programs and contest diets Ė including the pros and cons of whole foods versus drinks, right down to the exact ratios of carbs and protein for optimal growth and recovery
  • The #1 secret to making a low carb competition diet not only metabolically more effective but also easier to stick with (contest dieting sucks, but this makes it easier)
  • Tomís top 6 learning and reading resources for motivation and personal success
  • And a whole lot more!

Audio #5: Bill Pearl- Ageless Bodybuilding Legend,
Pioneer And Icon

Bill Pearl, 5 time Mr UniverseMany men and women think their bodies will go down the tubes after they turn 40. No one goes out of this world looking as good as when they came in, but the idea that you canít stay fit, strong, muscular, healthy and active at ANY age is a huge lie and this man is proof:

Bill Pearl, a legend in bodybuilding, was born in 1930 and today at 5í 10” tall, he weighs 237 pounds of solid muscle with 10% body fat. He has trained on a regular basis for more than 60 years.

In 1953 he won The Mr. California, Mr. America AND Mr. Universe competitions. Then he won the Mr. Universe four more times in 1956, 1961, 1967 and 1971.

How many training and nutrition secrets do you think you could learn from this Bodybuilding icon about staying youthful, strong, muscular and healthy?

Hereís just some of what you will hear in Billís Interview:

  • The best way to get over any injury
  • Why Bill trains at 4:00 am every morning for 2 hours a day, 6 days a week, even though he says that much exercise is not necessary physically
  • Why Bill insists that 99% of your success revolves around your exercise program in order to get any results from your diet
  • How Bill builds muscle on a vegetarian diet and why he switched from hundreds of grams of protein a day to ovo lacto vegetarian
  • What Bill says is different in his life and in his training now that heís in his 70ís
  • Fascinating personal stories about “The Training Barn” where Arnold, Lou Ferrigno and other Mr. Olympia insiders were invited to work out behind closed doors (heíll also tell you the strange way he met Sean Connery in London 50 years agoÖ James Bond fans will get a kick out of this!)
  • What Bill suggests to men and women over age 50-60 to stay fit and start improving themselves physically immediately, starting today
  • Advice for people who say they donít have time to work out Ė busy people should pay very close attention to this “pearl of wisdom”
  • And much, much more!

Thatís the whole lot of them, and thatís only a fraction of the information packed into nearly 6 hours in these rare and exclusive recordings. Each pro has emptied their entire bag of tricks onto the table for you

These Red Hot Insider Interviews Are Now Available For Instant Download On Professional MP3 Audio
Ė And You Canít Get Them Anywhere Else!

fat loss insider secretsTop name bodybuilding and fitness celebrities donít waste their time taking phone calls or granting interviews to just anyone. The only reason you can even get access to these recordings today is because my Former Fat Guy show got so popular it was broadcast internationally over the internet worldwide and it attracted top name talent because of the valuable media exposure.

These interviews were only broadcast live once, but fortunately I captured them using the radio stationís studio-quality recording equipment and you can now get all 5 interviews in one downloadable package.

The interviews were professionally recorded in MP3 format, which means you can download them, save them and play them right off of your computer.

You can also download these recordings into your IPOD or burn them onto CDís and listen to them in your car, while youíre working out, or any time, anywhere.

The recordings will work on any computer Ė PC or Mac, and the download is simple and easy, even if youíre a “computer dunce.”

Most of the recordings are about an hour long and they are in MP3 format, so they are best downloaded if you have a high speed internet connection. (Please keep in mind that you have an old fashioned dial up internet connection, the download may take a long time because each MP3 is 8-10 megabytes in size). On high speed, you can download to your computer fast and start listening in just minutes

Because these recordings are available strictly as MP3ís, there is no shipping cost and you donít have to wait for anything in the postal mail. NO CDís or physical products will be shipped (this is a download), although you can burn these MP3ís onto your own CDís for your listening convenience.

The Bill Pearl interview was great! It was different for a change. When most people talk on the subject of fitness, they concentrate on one narrow subject (usually what they are trying to sell you), but Bill tells you what it's really like - that's it's your entire lifestyle that dictates how you look and feel. It was really refreshing to hear. Thanks again Rob. I've already gone out and bought the book Bill recommended with the thousands of exercises and it it's as good as the interview, Iíll be psyched!

John Connor
Dublin, Ireland

Rob Cooper not only did a wonderful job transforming his own body, he also does his interviews with the top bodybuilding and fitness pros in an informative and entertaining format that leaves no stone unturned. I've learned a lot from Rob's interviews and his style of conducting them, and highly recommend them to anyone looking to gain an edge in the ongoing pursuit of greater fitness and health.

Jon Benson
Transformational Life Coach and Nutritionist
Best-Selling Author, "Fit Over 40"
Creator, ďM-Power Total Transformation SystemĒ

Rob Cooper's “Former Fat Guy show” is definitely one of the best radio interview programs on the Internet. I'm not sure how, but Rob continually brings onto his show some of the most famous and most knowledgeable personalities in the fitness and bodybuilding world. He has a real knack for asking the right questions that make for some really interesting listening. Having transformed from 475 pounds to the lean and mean 240 he is today, Rob also has the experience to add his own valuable personal insights to the discussions. I highly recommend you listen to Rob's shows - it's an education! It was after hearing Rob's Bill Pearl interview that I agreed to be a guest on his show myself.

Tom Venuto, NSCA-CPT, CSCS
Author of “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle”

Having done media interviews for decades now, I found Rob Cooper to be a genuinely enthused, thoroughly prepared, and in-depth radio interviewer. His questions were all designed to give his listeners the most useful information possible. And the passion he puts out when he interviews you can't help but draw you in, and keep you captivated.

Peter C. Siegel, R.H.
America's foremost peak performance hypnotherapist.
As seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, ESPN, VH1, and Fox Sports

So How Much Are These Interviews Worth???

For a long time, I offered these interviews individually for $29-$39.95 each (the 40 minute long interview is valued at $29 and the hour long interviews are valued at $39.95 each Ė thatís a total value of $189.00).

This is the first time Iíve ever bundled them all together in one package at such a low priceÖ and if you order nowÖ

You Get The ENTIRE COLLECTION Of All 5 interviews Ė
Valued At $189.00 - For Only $47 !!!

Click Here To Order Risk-Free For Only $47.00

Iím letting these go so cheap for two reasons:

First, I feel that itís important to learn not just from one mentor, but from many. You can get inspired and get information from a single mentor, but you can gain so much more by having many mentors. This group of interviews lets you do just that.

The second reason Iím offering this as a package at such a low price is because I am thinking about continuing to do more interviews, and offering them on a monthly subscription or membership basis. To do that, I would like to develop a loyal customer base first (who might subscribe to a series later), by making a great one time offer.

When my customers see the quality of the interviews, they will be more likely to subscribe to more interviews in the future, and thatís why Iím offering such an incredibly low price Ė for a limited time Ė on this 5 interview package.

Best of all Ė You Can Preview All 5 Interviews
With No Risk Or ObligationÖ And If You Donít Like Them,
You Can Even Keep Them For FREE!

Hereís the deal: After listening to all 5 of these audios, and using the strategies you learn for up to 8 full weeks, if for any reason you find that the information has not helped you transform your body and your life in dramatic and remarkable ways, just email me and you can ask for a 100% refund and you can even keep the recordings for your trouble.

guaranteeIn return for giving you this iron clad money back guarantee, all I ask is that after reviewing the audios, if you agree they are everything Iíve said they are, that you A) recommend them to your friends, and B) send me an email with a testimonial about how these 5 men and women have inspired you and helped you achieve your muscle building and fat burning goals.

Fair enough?

Order Now Ė This May Be Your Only Chance To Get All Of These MP3ís Bundled Together In A Package
At Such A Low Price

With the 100% money back guarantee, thereís no risk on your part. But you do have to hurry and place your order now because these interviews may not be available together at this special price for much longer.

I urge you to take me up on this generous offer and at least preview the audios for up to 8 full weeks with no obligation. If you donít take action now, you may miss out on this introductory price, and even more important, you might miss out on some of the best muscle gains and body fat losses of your life.

Let me leave you with one very important idea:

I dropped nearly 300 pounds of fat and put on over 50 pounds of muscle, but still wasn't where I wanted to be. I was looking for that ONE single trick I needed to take myself to the next level, and it was Tom Venuto who taught me a very valuable secret. I put that one secret that I never knew before into practice and the remaining fat began to literally melt from my body.

It's that one thing you don't know yet that could take your physique to the next level. So go ahead and take the 8 week no-risk preview, listen to these interviews and see for yourself what kind of results you can achieveÖ all you have to do is click on the link below to order!

Click Here To Order The Fat Loss Insider Secrets
MP3 Audio Package For Only $47

fat loss insider secrets


Rob Cooper,
“The Former Fat Guy”

PS. There are a lot of people out there shouting about how they are “experts” in bodybuilding or fat loss, but almost none of them have actually been on the inside of the industry or have walked the walk like the pros I selected for these interviews. These pros are for real. They are respected and trusted in the industry because of their stellar reputations, their integrity, their years of solid experience as well as the personal examples theyíve set as role models. The secrets they reveal in these amazing interview audios are probably the ONLY chance youíll ever have to hear all of them speak together in the same place about the most effective tactics, tricks and techniques of the masters-level physique game. Remember, you have a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee, so order now and put these insider bodybuilding and fitness secrets to work for you today!

fat loss

note: interviews are instantly downloadable in mp3 format for listening on your computer,  iPod, PocketPC or other portable listening device.  No physical products are shipped to you. Some interviews are zipped and require winzip or other un-archiving

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